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Introducing Strawlinx

Strawlinx is a simple to use, open ended system of drinking straws and connectors for creative and fun learning for creators of all ages. Strawlinx aims to bring kids, families and adults together through play, imagination and problem-solving.

Open-ended Toy

Strawlinx engages people in creative straw construction that gives way to imaginative, open-ended play. There are no rules to how you use them! Simply go with the flow. Let your imagination and curiosity decide.

STEM Learning

Discover and learn about science, technology, engineering, and maths. Strawlinx helps cultivate an engaging learning environment at home, schools and workplaces. Beginning at preschool age, children begin to understand structures and shapes through imaginative play. Students in primary and secondary school use the straws and linx strategically to explore topics such as geometry, physics, engineering, and architecture. In the workplace, Strawlinx helps to sharpen communication, team building, innovation and collaboration skills.

Endless possibilities

With Strawlinx children have endless possibilities of creating and building whatever they like; from the very simple to the very complex. Build Anything from crane, bridges, windmill, rockets, drones, 3D shapes, structures and moving objects. Everything you imagine is possible!

Fun with Maths

Learn 3D Shapes and Structures with Strawlinx.